Welcome to Lambrook

"It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to Lambrook; a school which we believe is one of the most exciting, thriving and happy places that any child would wish to grow up in."

Jonathan Perry - Headmaster

Latest News

  • Gardener’s World

    date posted: Wednesday 23 Apr 2014
    It is in “Asterix in Britain” that there is a picture of an Englishman nurturing his lawn with utter dedication (and a miniature scythe); as he does so, he observes, “Another 2000 years of loving care and I think it’ll make a pretty decent piece of turf.” Seconds later Asterix and Obelix drive across it in a horse drawn cart. This has long been my excuse, despite being English, for being a reluctant gardener – you never know when disaster may strike and therefore the risk is not worth taking! Or maybe, just maybe, I find gardening the most appallingly tedious and time-consuming occupation in existence!
  • Staff News

    date posted: Friday 28 Mar 2014

    We are delighted to announce a number of staff appointments.

  • Headmaster's Notes

    date posted: Friday 28 Mar 2014
    We have had a quite outstanding week of music to complete what has been a most extraordinary and exciting term for Lambrook.
  • A Great Day at Legoland for Year 2

    date posted: Friday 28 Mar 2014
    On Thursday 27th March Year 2 were very excited about their trip to Legoland. 
  • Lambrook produce impressive set of hockey results

    date posted: Thursday 27 Mar 2014
    Lambrook faced a tougher set of matches for the final block fixture of term but still managed to come out top in the final analysis to round off what was perhaps the best set of hockey results ever.