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"It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to Lambrook; a school which we believe is one of the most exciting, thriving and happy places that any child would wish to grow up in."

Jonathan Perry - Headmaster

Latest News

  • Commonwealth Games Success for Lambrook OB

    date posted: Friday 8 Aug 2014

    It’s been a fantastic summer of sport this year, with the Glasgow Commonwealth Games building on the legacy of the Olympics, and an outstanding performance from England’s athletes.

    We were delighted to learn that former Lambrook pupil, Christian Lewis-Pratt, had the honour of competing for England in the Rugby Sevens, helping the team reach the quarter-finals of the Games. 

  • First World War Memories

    date posted: Monday 4 Aug 2014

    Lambrook is one of the oldest Preparatory schools in the country and with the original 19th century house still at the heart of the grounds, one is often reminded of how much the world has changed since the school was founded in the Victorian era.

    Isla Brownless, wife of one of the School’s most loved headmasters, took the initiative many years ago to collect and publish the memories of some of the children and staff who have lived and learned within its walls. As the world marks the centenary of the First World War, we look back to life at Lambrook during these fraught years.

  • The Flight of the Butterfly

    date posted: Saturday 5 Jul 2014
    I don’t always believe what I say; I don’t always believe what I write; I don’t always know what I believe. In short, I’m a pretty confused man! A year ago I think I portrayed myself as a teacher who had learned to be emotionally tough; as pupils I had taught or known for more than five years spun out of the eternally revolving doors that represent a Lambrook Education, I may have suggested that I tended to watch their passing with equanimity. On Saturday, after our Leavers’ Chapel Service, I concluded that the emotionally detached schoolmaster I had painted myself as, in the final edition of last summer’s Cedar was nothing but a chimera, an illusion. As the choir sang some cunningly selected pieces designed to pluck at the heartstrings, I began to feel waves of emotion sweeping over me. The final sung blessing – magnificently performed – completed the destruction of the granite pedagogue and I, along with many others, became no more than a two holed watering can.
  • Headmaster's Notes

    date posted: Saturday 5 Jul 2014
    Can you believe that we are finally here; at the end of term and the start of summer break? This year has simply flown by, my fourth year here at the School, and whilst we are all ready to relax and (perhaps) recuperate, I shall miss the children’s laughter, singing and revelry over the holiday break.
  • Cricket Results: Lambrook v Parkside

    date posted: Thursday 3 Jul 2014

    And so the final curtain came down on one of the most successful cricket seasons Lambrook has ever seen.

    1st XI Lost by 24 runs, 2nd XI Won by 9 wkts, 3rd/4th XI Won by 4 wkts, 5th XI Won by 40 runs, Colts B Won by 12 runs, Colts C Won by 3 wkts, U10 A Won by 105 runs, U10 B Won by 21 runs.