Welcome to Lambrook

"It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to Lambrook; a school which we believe is one of the most exciting, thriving and happy places that any child would wish to grow up in."

Jonathan Perry - Headmaster

Latest News

  • Headmaster's Notes

    date posted: Friday 17 Oct 2014
    In this week alone, we have enjoyed success across the spectrum of school life: sport, our academic studies and the arts.  Our talented Under 11’s kicked off a great week with an emphatic win in the Bradfield Football Tournament and claimed their second trophy, just a few days later, at the ISFA Tournament. Our girls’ hockey teams continued their winning streak with another satisfying series of wins against one of our strongest competitors, Eagle House. I was pleased to learn of the commendable performance of our Middle School children, with a number of teams competing in science and maths challenges across the week. One of our teams can now proudly claim the title of maths puzzle champions! 
  • Success in Science and Maths Challenges

    date posted: Thursday 16 Oct 2014

    Over the last few weeks, we have had three teams participating in a variety of different science and maths competitions. We were particularly excited to be awarded first place in the Maths Puzzle Roadshow in a competition against 18 other Prep schools.

  • Match Report: Football v Cothill

    date posted: Thursday 16 Oct 2014
    Wednesday saw another tough round of matches and there was a clear split in the results between the under and over 10 level.  The 1st XI were well on top in their game although the score does not reflect this dominance. 
  • Testing Season for Table Football Team!

    date posted: Thursday 16 Oct 2014
    As the results show this was a testing season and although the team tried jolly hard they didn’t actually manage to win a game, or even score a goal. So they are all on the transfer list as it is much easier to replace the entire team rather than take a couple out.
  • Romanes Rants: Sad Times

    date posted: Thursday 16 Oct 2014
    Half term and yet it’s the worst time of the year: the clocks are about to go back. The bounce in my step will vanish, the sparkle in my eye will fade and my heart will grow heavy. For soon I will be getting up in the dark and returning home after nightfall; the days will grow dank and the air chill; the leaves will fall and the trees will enter their skeleton months.