Welcome to Lambrook

"It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to Lambrook; a school which we believe is one of the most exciting, thriving and happy places that any child would wish to grow up in."

Jonathan Perry - Headmaster

Latest News

  • Match Report: Hockey v The Oratory

    date posted: Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

    The U9 girls were excited as their hockey season got off to a competitive start versus The Oratory Prep School.

  • Romanes Rants: Country Life

    date posted: Tuesday 23 Sep 2014
    I was brought up in the countryside but if there were a test that you had to take to prove your “countryman” credentials I would fail it every time. It really is a little embarrassing and the Winchester College Natural History Society of which I was once briefly a member would remove my name from its annals if it discovered the truth. Last weekend I decided to try to disguise myself as a child of the hills and fields and took a trip to the Royal County of Berkshire Show.
  • Match Report: Hockey v Highfield Liphook

    date posted: Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

    Another good day all round for the girls. The first team girls got another 11-1 win rounding their total to 22 goals in 2 matches - pretty impressive – and all the girls played well.

  • Match Report: Football v Elstree

    date posted: Monday 22 Sep 2014
    Elstree proved to be tough opponents on Saturday, and Lambrook’s defences were kept hard at work, but the day ended with a number of convincing wins for our teams.

    1st Won 5-2, 3rd Won 3-0, 4th Lost 1-3, 5th Lost 3-6,  6th Lost 2-5, U11 A Lost 1-2, U11 D Won 5-0, U11 E Lost 0-5, U10 A Won 4-3, U10 B Lost 2-5, U10 C Drew 5-5, U10 D Lost 2-3, U9 A Won 1-0, U9 B Won 3-0, U9 C Won 10-0,  U9 D Won 7-1

  • Headmaster's Notes

    date posted: Friday 19 Sep 2014
    I have been ably assisted in the running of the school this last week by my very enthusiastic headmasters and headmistresses: Dominic Jeffries, Maddi Hales and Lucy, Sam, Sophie and Libby Storey.